PEP Technology is the  CAD/CAM software solution

The key to unlocking PROFITS with lasers, plasma, gas, waterjet and combination machines can be found in PEP Technology's automation. PEP’s 40 plus years of developing CAD/CAM software has allowed us to work with and learn from all of our customer’s needs. In doing so, we have created the most intelligent nesting algorithms, intuitive menus, and proprietary data bases that allow sales, engineering and programming departments to do five times the amount of work with high efficiencies than any other CAD/CAM product available today.

Take control of your manufacturing profits

What we do

PEP Technology's Industry proven Automation and innovative practices help Manufacturers grow

CAD Conversion

Automate the conversion process of a poorly drawn customer file with the PEP Cad Converter. PEP will create a perfect cutter path in seconds every time from DXF, DWG, STEP, PRT and yes... even a PDF!

Automatic Nesting

Our Advanced Bullet Nesting will produce more parts than our closest competitor, while eliminating head raises, reducing rapids and controlling heat.

Job Quoting

Our Automatic Job Scheduling allows you to plan, schedule, track and report everything related to cutting parts before and after nesting in Real Time.

Automatic Job Scheduling

Our Automatic Job Scheduling allows you to plan, schedule, track and report everything related to cutting parts before and after nesting in REAL TIME.

ERP Integration

PEP Technology has been leader in bi-directional ERP and MRP integration for many years.


Our Inventory Software is a complete material tracking system that tracks both rectangular and irregular shaped remnants.

What is Automation?

PEP Technology's Fully Automatic Manufacturing Software will extract Work Orders, Inventory and CAD drawings from your CAD, MRP/ERP software and then create finished post processed nests ready to be cut on your machines in minutes!
In today's world of machines that cut twice as fast as last years model, you need the PEP Technology CAD/CAM solution. Our machine productivity will make your machines run faster and the material yield is guaranteed to save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars or you pay nothing.

Take control of your material utilization for superior yield

Material yield is a function of a programmer’s time in regard to his chosen CAM software. PEP creates great nests in one minute that seldom require editing of any kind. The PEP Automatic Nesting software AUTOMATICALLY creates perfect nests on the first try. There is no editing and or re-nesting required, as such, sales, engineering and programming all get the same results.

Why Automation Matters

Taking control of your profits come from automation. Replacing a CAD/CAM product with another product that relies on the programmers skill and experience is not the solution to better CNC programs that make your machines run faster. PEP Technology's CAD/CAM Software is your fully automated manufacturing software solution. PEP utilizes the intelligence built into the PEP software to create incredible results automatically in seconds without the skilled programmer. In today's manufacturing world you need PEP Technology’s automated features.

Common Cutting

Common cutting is not cheating, it’s common sense that reducing the cut distance by 30% creates huge profits. The PEP nesting engine analyzes each part and then nests to maximize common cutting. 400 inch long parts are not a problem, nor are notches and round corners when your software is SMART.


Shoving parts everywhere will create the illusion of a good nested sheet. If you are not controlling the heat, your robbing your company of profits. PEP's nesting software is by far the best in the world. We know that material yield and heat dissipation go hand in hand.


Unlike GRAIN constraint, nesting with rotational constraint puts an emphasis on nesting parts horizontally to minimize the need for tabbing parts without sacrificing material yield.


The tabbing of parts is based upon the machine table slats and the part size. The database tab range is setup to assign the tab based upon the part size and the rotation of the part in the nest. Horizontal parts have zero or one tab, where the same part nested vertically will have two tabs.


Ball screws, linear drives, rack and pinion? Does any of this matter? YES, by the end of the year your expensive new machine just did ONE MILLION unnecessary head raises if you are not using PEP SMART HEAD RAISE TECHNOLOGY©

Smart quoting

Attention to the details when quoting the job is everything. Automating with PEP closes more orders. We create the quote with actual run times, material costs, and secondary operations in a fraction of the time it takes other products because other products skip the details.


PEP accounts for undersized sheets sizes and the random extra ¼ in the width with SMART skeleton technology. It doesn’t end there, PEP Band technology eliminates 30% of the skeleton cuts while stress is relieved, heat is controlled, sheet remove is simple, and scrap buyers pay more for the scrap.


Profits from every job come from doing every programming task 100% of the time without exception. Every detail must be considered even when a hot job needs to be done at the last minute. PEP is the SMARTEST because PEP is automatic and does the job in seconds.


The PEP Technology software is more that just the fastest software, one user can do the same amount of work that 5 to 10 skilled programmers would do and do it better.

PEP Technology is exactly what you need

Ultimate Productivity

More than a dozen critical CAM processes must be done 100 percent of the time. If you are not doing all of them, then a laser runs 20 to 40 percent slower.

Slow cutting, head crashes and poor cut quality are eliminated when all the critical programming tasks are completed 100 percent of the time. Therefore, when beam on-time goes up and the laser is cutting faster, 20 to 30 percent increases in laser throughput can be realized.

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