Generates Quotes in Minutes

Bullet quote converts PDF files and CAD files (DXF, DWG, IGES, Solidworks, Solidedge, NC1, KSS, etc.) to a cutter path and then nests the part quantities... all AUTOMATICALLY.

Test Bullet Quote by filling in the part quantities on the right, or email your files to PEP Technology. We will email you the nest, the costing analysis and the quote within minutes.

Bullet quote converts "ALL" types of files including untouched single part multi-view with title block, multiple parts within a single file, nested files (ship nests), structural steel releases (Tekla, SDS2 parts in KSS or NC1 formats).

Parts are converted and the cutter path for each part is created automatically and then nested, sequenced and lead-ins assigned typically in one minute. The nest below is typical of the fully automatic nesting results produced in one minute.


Below is a metric part, converted to a cutter path, every CAD dimension compared to the part geometry and then scaled automatically in 5 seconds.
  From this...   To a finished cutter path in 5 seconds